Things I Use

Here Is A List of Services, Products and Software I Personally Use In My Reverse Mortgage Marketing







Outsource graphic design, videos, flyers, display ads and so much more. Prices start at just $5




Track where your website ranks for various search terms. Has a free 14 day trial. Prices start at just $16 a month to track 50 search terms.

Analytic Call Tracking

Track your phone calls to see what advertising is working and what is not. You’ll never be blind about what is working or fall victim to sales reps again. Self hosted call tracking. $99 a month.

Call Tracking Metrics

Same as Analytic Call Tracking but less expensive on a monthly basis. Pricing starts at $19 a month.


Screencast O Matic

ScreenCastOMatic allows you to create videos of what ever is happening on your computer screen. I use this video software to create training videos on this site, presentations using PowerPoint and to go create videos for clients going over and explaining the reverse mortgage analysis.

You can also use it to create videos using a webcam too.

There are multiple options to edit your videos which include, adding intro or outros, cuts, splits, adding images etc. Pretty much all the basics you would need to create videos.

It is dirt cheap, just $18 a year. They have a free version but the videos are watermarked. Don’t be cheap, just spend the $18, it is well worth it.